Composition - Nevada School of the Arts


Initial Payment of $56.25 + 3 Monthly Payments of $56.25

Duration: 3 weeks (3 sessions) – 2 hours per session
Total hours: 6 hours
Cost: $225
Optional: 4 Monthly Installments

This is a hands-on Media Scoring Workshop that will delve into the art of creating compelling soundtracks for various media using Logic Pro. Under the instruction of a Berklee College of Music Master’s Degree Graduate, Aaron Ramsey, this workshop is designed for musicians, composers, and audio enthusiasts who want to harness the power of digital audio workstations to enhance visual content with immersive and impactful soundscapes.


Dates: Nov 6, 13, 20
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm
Venue: NSA Recital Hall

Class Itinerary:

Week 1: Introduction to Logic Pro and Basics of Media Scoring
- Overview of Logic Pro interface and tools
- Utilizing virtual instruments and MIDI controllers
- Understanding the role of music in different media (film, video games, commercials)
- Analyzing the emotional impact of well-scored media

Week 2: Composing and Mixing for Different Visual Media
- Adapting musical styles to match genres and moods
- Techniques for synchronizing music to visual cues
- Exploring instrumentation, orchestration and sound design choices
- Mixing techniques for optimal audio balance and impact

Week 3: Crafting a Soundtrack!
- Creating a short film scene score
- Share it in the class for feedback and suggestions for improvement

- This workshop is geared towards high school and young college students (14-25 years old)
- A MacBook/MacBook Pro with the latest version of Logic Pro installed
- A MIDI Keyboard Controller with at least 2 octaves.


By the end of the Media Scoring Workshop, participants will have achieved the following outcomes:
1. Proficiency with Logic Pro: Participants will be comfortable navigating Logic Pro's interface, using its tools, and setting up projects for media scoring.
2. Understanding of Media Context: Participants will grasp the significance of music in enhancing storytelling across different media forms.
3. Adaptive Composition: Participants will have the ability to compose music that complements the mood, genre, and pacing of various visual content.
4. Synchronization Techniques: Participants will be skilled in synchronizing musical elements with visual cues for maximum impact.
5. Effective Sound Design: Participants will learn to choose and manipulate virtual instruments, sounds, and effects to achieve the desired sonic atmosphere.
6. Project Completion: Each participant will have composed a short musical score for a selected media scene, demonstrating their creative and technical abilities.

Additional Benefits:
Hands-on Learning: Participants will engage in practical exercises, creating real compositions using Logic Pro in a guided environment.
Individual Attention: As the workshop is limited to a small number of participants, the instructor can provide personalized assistance and feedback.
Collaborative Environment: Encourage participants to share their work, insights, and feedback, fostering a supportive and collaborative community.

This Media Scoring Workshop will empower participants to effectively blend music and visual media, creating impactful soundtracks that resonate with audiences. Through guided instruction, hands-on experience, and a focus on practical application, participants will gain the skills needed to embark on their own journeys as media composers and sound designers.

About Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey is a professional composer, percussionist and audio engineer. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees Summa Cum Laude in Scoring for Film, TV & Video Games from Berklee College of Music.

While in Spain, Aaron was selected to write music for the short film, Copetin, after winning a contest at Berklee Valencia. It was recorded remotely with the Budapest Art Orchestra and featured at the Palm Springs ShortFest in 2014. He also conducted and recorded with a full orchestra at the world famous Air Lyndhurst Studios in London. In addition, he wrote "Galloping Across the Galaxy" for the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra, which was performed in Germany and Poland with conductor Geoff Neuman. After graduating, Aaron was selected to attend the Society of Composers’ and Lyricists’ Mentorship Program in Los Angeles where he met with several successful media composers such as Russell Brower (World of Warcraft) and Garry Schyman (Bioshock, Shadow of Mordor).

A solo percussion artist, Aaron composed and produced two albums of electronic music, Synthonica and Spiral, that he has performed in concerts with young musicians. Incorporating his electronic tracks, arrangements and synchronized projected visuals, these programs, along with other original works, were presented with the orchestras of the Las Vegas Young Artists’ Orchestra, K.O. Knudson, Bishop Gorman, Tuacahn High School for the Arts and Nevada School for the Arts.

In January 2020, Aaron was contracted to compose and perform his music for the Google Cloud Accelerate conference opening ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for over 10,000 people. Currently, Aaron is a professor in the Audio Recording Technology program at College of Southern Nevada and also employed by Clark County as a sound and lighting technician at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center Theater in Las Vegas. He also scores, mixes and masters original music for Kino Lorber, a publishing company that releases short silent films restored by the US Library of Congress.