Chamber Music - Nevada School of the Arts

Chamber Music

Initial Payment of $50.00 + 3 Monthly Payments of $50.00

$200 / semester
Optional: 4 Monthly Installments

Mondays or Saturdays (full schedule below)
10 Coachings and 1 Performance
Tuition: $25/hr/student (8 classes/semester)

No Audition Required, Teacher Recommendation Preferred
(Registration must be received by first week of each semester)


Select your rehearsal availability

Our Chamber Music Program is designed for intermediate and advanced middle and high school students, who are interested in advancing their skills in playing chamber music. Joining a chamber music group is one of the best learning experiences for a young musician.

Ensembles will be coached on a bi-monthly basis and learn selected repertoire based on the ensemble’s current level. Pre-formed groups are welcome to join.

Scheduling for coachings is done through the office.

Ensembles will choose day (Mon. or Sat.) and time slot they will rehearse.